Networking, cooperation and empowerment are our strongest values.

It is vital that we cooperate closely with people living with OI, their families, researchers, clinicians and support networks. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of people living with OI. We strive towards early access to diagnosis and competent medical treatment, follow-up and social support of people with OI from all age groups and countries.

People with osteogenesis imperfecta are experts in and advocates for their own health condition. The OIFE’s vision is that one day the society through national and international policies will allow people with OI to live active and independent lives in an inclusive society.


Children and adults with OI living active and independent lives - with access to competent healthcare and necessary social support


We connect and empower organizations, professionals and individuals to improve lives of people with OI.

The goals of OIFE

Represent our members on an international level and be the voice of people with OI and their families
Grow an international network between professionals, organizations, individuals and other stakeholders
Advocate for access to competent healthcare and social support
Encourage scientific research on OI
Empower our members by sharing information, knowledge and best practices
Support development of OI organizations and local support in more countries
Guide individuals towards information, healthcare and support
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