Flying doctors

What are the challenges?

Many individuals ask for support to travel to another country with more competence in OI. Our policy is that support should rather be given to increase knowledge and experience in the local communities in order to benefit more people with OI and have a long lasting effect. Because of this we have developed a support programme called Flying OI Experts, which enables professionals to travel to less developed countries to teach and improve knowledge, treatment and social support in these countries. This can also lead to new initiatives in starting local OI-groups, that can provide support to more individuals and families.

OIFE's support programme

OIFE’s support programme is called Flying OI Experts and consists of support opportunities to professionals, to educational projects and to volunteers. Within the programme it is possible to apply for:

Travel support for OI-professionals

  • To learn from more experienced colleagues
  • To attend regional or international OI-conferences
  • To do staff exchange/tutorships
  • To teach individual colleagues in countries where more knowledge is needed
Flying doctor OI child

Project support

Project support can be given to groups of professionals to go to countries where more knowledge is needed and do:

  • Seminars about OI
  • Surgeries for teaching purposes

Travel support for volunteers

Travel support can be given to OIFE volunteers to do networking, teaching and to build competence.

How to get involved?

Are you interested in volunteering as a Flying OI Expert by teaching individuals in less developed countries?

Please contact OIFE at

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