The Youth Events

Every year one of OIFE’s member organizations hosts the OIFE Youth Event. This is an informal meeting for young people with OI. The age limit has varied, but the event is usually open to people between the age 18 and 35.

The main goal of the OIFE Youth Events is to gather youth from all over Europe to exchange thoughts and ideas about being young with OI and to network in order to engage future volunteers. The video below is from our youth week-end in 2017, that took place in the Netherlands.


Past OIFE Youth Events

2022 Bruges, Belgium

The OIFE Youth Event 2022 took place in Bruges, Belgium from May 5th to 8th after the events in 2020 and 2021 got cancelled.
Read the report from the meeting here.


Bilbao, Spain

The OIFE Youth Event 2019 took place in Bilbao, Spain from October 23rd – 27th. Read the report from the meeting here.

2018 Århus, Denmark

The OIFE Youth Event 2018 took place October 25-28 in Denmark. It was hosted by a group of Danish girls with the support of the board in the Danish organization DFOI. 42 participants from 8 European countries took part.
Read a report from the event itself here.

Group photo OIFE Youth Event

2017 The Netherlands

The OIFE Youth Event 2017 took place November 1st – 5th in the Netherlands. Ca 40 participants from ten European countries took part.

2016 London, UK (VOICE 2016)

From the 29th April – 1st May 2016 the youth of the OIFE gathered again at a Youth Event in London, UK organized by the Brittle Bones Society. Read all about it here.

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