OIFE Educational Webinar 2022

The second part of OIFE’s annual meeting on June 4th 2022 was an educational webinar open to anyone. And a diverse group of ca 80 participants including OIFE-people, clinicians, researchers, industry people and other interested individuals came together to hear about news from the international OI-community. News from OIFE, ERN BOND & others The first…


Our trip to Bruges

OIFE Youth Event 2022 (part 1) took place in the Belgian city Bruges (Brügge) from May 5th to 8th after the last two events were cancelled due to the pandemic. The event was organized by the OIFE Youth Coordinators and the Belgian OI-organization ZOI. And how did it go? Read all about it in this…


Join OIFE’s Educational Webinar June 4

We invite you to attend the annual OIFE Educational Webinar on June 4th from 13.30 – 17.00 CET (11.30 – 15.00 Universal Standard Time), which will take place online on Zoom. The webinar includes news about projects and activities from OIFE, patient advocacy education, news from OI-research & development and exchange and updates between OIFE’s…


Join OIFE’s AGM 2022

Are you a member of one of OIFE’s member organizations? Then you can join our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Zoom.  OIFE’s Annual General Meeting 2022 part 1 (the formal business part) will take place via Zoom on June 4th from 11-13PM Central European Time. The AGM provides an opportunity for the Executive Committee (EC)…


Inclusion Project for Students with OI

Interview with Jessica Chemtov, Kinesiology student and Galil Osman, Occupational Therapy student; both at McGill University in Montreal, Canada   We both came to learn about OI through our respective disciplines. We are research trainees of Dr. Argerie Tsimicalis who is an Associate Professor at McGill University and a Nurse Scientist at the Shriners Hospitals…

Flyer announcing the OI2022 conference in Sheffield, UK

Travel Grant for OI2022

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe (OIFE), The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation and The Brittle Bone Society (UK & Ireland) are offering a travel grant for the OI2022 conference in Sheffield, UK which takes place from Aug 30th – Sep 2nd 2022.  Healthcare professionals and researchers working in a low or middle-income country can apply to come to…

People demonstrating

What is ableism and why does it matter to you?

Ableism turns disabled people into “others” – and helps non-disabled people stay “normal”. Through the hashtag #AbleismTellsMe different disabled people told their stories about discrimination. What exactly is Ableism? And what is the difference between that and hostility to disabled people? This is what Rebecca Maskos, from Germany, tries to explain in this article. It…


Survey on pregnancy & family planning

Do you think there should be more information or education on contraception & OI, on pregnancy & OI, on preimplanation genetic diagnosis (PGD), on breastfeeding or other issues related to pregnancy or family planning? Then now is your chance to tell the decision makers! The European Reference Networks including ERN BOND – European Reference Network…

Ukranian flag with the text Peace for Ukraine

War in Ukraine – how can you help?

There is a brutal war going on in one of OIFE’s member countries, and the last couple of days OIFE has received several questions from people who are concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Many are wondering if there is an OI-organization in Ukraine and how they can be of assistance to people with OI…

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