“The Transformation” – Russian Youth Project

In December 2018 Russian Charitable Foundation “Brittle People” started its the most outstanding online-project “The Transformation”, focused on children and teenagers with OI professional skill and psychological health. Inspiring “The Transformation” program success, Fund’s psychologist Aleksandr Kharitonov decided to run another one – “The Course of Success”. It has been started in September 2018. Both…


Nigeria new OIFE-member

At the Annual Meeting of OIFE in August 2018, we got a pleasant surprise – a membership application from the Nigerian OI-organization. The Board voted and we were happy to welcome OIF Nigeria as our new associate member, the second one from the African continent. The OI Foundation Nigeria, founded by Tarela Aghanti in March…


Where to find information on OI?

There is a lot of information about osteogenesis imperfecta on the Internet. But how do you know where to find information that is good and up to date in your country or language? We recommend searching the OI-organizations for advice. Information in English can be found here: OIFE’s information about OI OIF’s Information Center BBS…

Girl with woman in south africaMEMBERS

New OIFE member: Brittle Bones South Africa

By Rageema Livingstone, chair of Brittle Bones South Africa  Who are you and what is your relationship to OI? My relationship with OI started nearly 12 years ago when my daughter was born with the condition. She is diagnosed as type 3 and currently wheelchair bound as she is experiencing bone thinning to the extent…

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