Pain, Pink Elephants and Peer Support

By Ingunn Westerheim, OIFE President I am going to start this editorial with a quote from the Australian physiotherapist Verity Pacey. You can read an interview with Verity in this OIFE Magazine, which is a special edition about OIFE around the world. “Don’t wait for your healthcare team to ask you about pain and fatigue…


The systematic spiral

How clinical work, registries, research, guidelines and quality improvement are connected Interview with Lena Lande Wekre, M.D. in the Skeletal dysplasia team at TRS National Resource Centre for Rare Disorders, Norway Who are you and where are you currently working? My name is Lena Lande Wekre and I am a Medical Doctor in the Skeletal…


Physical Function & Soft Tissue Health in OI

Interview with Dr. Alex Ireland and Dr. Sergio Orlando Who are you and what is your relationship to OI? My name is Dr Alex Ireland, Senior Lecturer in Physiology at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. My research has previously focused on how the shape and structures of our bones and joints is affected by physical activity…

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