OI written 18 times in different colors.RESEARCH

New OI-causing gene (KDELR2) detected

By Dr. Oliver Semler, Paediatrician, OIFE Medical Advisory Board (MAB) A new OI-gene has been detected by a European group of researchers from Germany, UK, The Netherlands and Spain. The new type of OI is inherited in a recessive way. In most individuals with Osteogenesis imperfecta, the disease is inherited in a dominant way and…


14th ISDS Meeting in Oslo, Norway

The 14th International Skeletal Dysplasia Society (ISDS) meeting took place in Oslo, Norway from the 11th -14th September 2019. OIFE was not present, but we asked Dr. Antonella Forlino (see photo in report below), who’s a member of OIFE’s Medical Advisory Board to report back from the sessions that were most interesting for OI. On…

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