Other Rare Bone Diseases than OI: FOP

Because some of the other rare bone conditions are very rare or very little known, OIFE can play a role in creating awareness and spreading information about these conditions, which very often have a lot of commonalities with OI. This is why we have started a column about other rare bone conditions, where we will…


Other rare bone conditions than OI – MO

Interview with Liana la Forgia, volunteer and a member of the scientific board of A.C.A.R. Aps, the Italian patient association for Multiple Osteochondromas (MO) OIFE has for many years had a project called “A stronger BOND between us”. The goal behind the project is to further develop an informal network between different stakeholders working on…


OIFE at RBD Summit

On December 6th three representatives from OIFE took part in the first edition of the Rare Bone Disease (RBD) Summit: Oliver Semler Ingunn Westerheim Inger-Margrethe Stavdal Paulsen On December 14th we will attend the second half of the two half-day multi-stakeholder meeting. The RBD (Rare Bone Disease) Summit is a global multi-stakeholder group meeting that aims to provide a platform…

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