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New PhD: Chronic pain in adults with OI

New PhD in OI: Experience of Chronic pain in adults with OI Interview with Rubén Muñoz Cortés My name is Rubén Muñoz Cortés and I work as a psychologist at Fundación AHUCE. I am specialized in clinical psychology, and my primary role involves offering psychological therapy to individuals with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) or other dysplasias,…


When obstacles become opportunities

By Alessandra Tolaccia, OIFE Volunteer I have been suffering from chronic pain for over 15 years now, and every time I have approached a new doctor looking for help, the answer has always been the same: pain in muscles/tendons has nothing to do with OI. But why doesn’t my pain go away with the common treatments…


Balancing Life with OI – now on YouTube!

Most of the talks and presentations from OIFE’s topical meeting “Balancing life with OI” in Stockholm June 2023 are now available with English subtitles in OIFE’s Playlist on YouTube. You can have auto texting in other languages, by clicking on settings. The various talks cover the causes, assessment, and management of pain in OI and…


New Pain and OI survey – Deadline April 1

The OI Foundation and the OIFE have partnered on a new project investigating the experience of pain for people with OI. The following survey investigates the experience of pain for people with OI. This survey is for anyone 18 years old or older and was written with input from OI experts from North America and…


Pain & OI Project reestablished

OIFE wants to focus more on pain & OI, since this is reported to be the most important challenge for people with OI besides fractures. Because of the IMPACT survey we had to postpone our pain project until 2022. But now we have reestablished our OIFE project on Pain & OI. What has happened? In…

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