Two children sitting on the groundEDITORIALS

OI & Child Abuse

In Norway, one of the most famous court cases is called the Rødseth-case. In 1981 a 19-year-old father was accused of child abuse and causing his baby girl’s death. He was sentenced to 2,5 years in prison because his five months old daughter had bruises and a fractured leg. The Supreme Court reduced the sentence…

Tellef laughing at a beachRESEARCH

BOOSTB4 – stem cell therapy in OI

Interview with Anne Siqveland and Nicolai Wendt (parents of Tellef, 1 year old) Who are you and what is your relationship to OI? We are a Norwegian family of four, Anne (36), Nicolai (34), Edvard (4) and Tellef (1). Tellef was prenatally diagnosed with OI and his multiple fractures and mutation of COL1A2 gene place…

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