A Roadmap to Surgery in OI

Interview with Ralph J.B. Sakkers, MD, PhD, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands & Simona Paveri and Leonardo Panzeri, Italian OI-association As.It.OI What was the purpose of the project “Roadmap to Surgery in OI”? Dr. Sakkers: Purpose of the project Roadmap to Surgery in OI was to create…


Breathe, Eat, Sleep & Test!

OIers are frequently recommended to lose weight, but no indications or information on the nutritional status in OI are provided. Patients and families, therefore, end up with following a “do-it-yourself” diet, sometimes eating a lot of dairy products with the wrong idea to strengthen the bones and reduce the fractures incidence. Interview with Antonella Lo…


Covid-19 Helpline in Orphanet Journal

Patient involvement in ERN BOND Patient involvement has been an important principle in the European Reference Network for Rare Bone Disorders (ERN BOND) all the way from the start. Patient representatives are included in both the steering committee and the working groups of the network. OIFE and other patient organizations are consulted when further advice…

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