Ilustration of 3 soccer balls with text Survey of Physical Activity and Exercise in OIRESEARCH

Survey of Physical Activity & Exercise in OI

Who is behind the survey? OIFE and the OIF are assisting with the distribution of a survey developed by a project team supported by Care4BrittleBones. The team consist of professionals interested in increasing the knowledge about the physical well-being of individuals with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). Project team Kathleen Montpetit, Occupational Therapist (retired), MSc OT, Montreal,…


How Apple Watch helps me stay healthy

“Jacob Wittorff has called the alarm center after Apple Watch detected a bad fall.” That message lands late at night on May day 2019 on my parents ‘and brothers’ phones. Shortly before, I was pushed home in my wheelchair from the football cup final at the stadium. However, the evening comes to an abrupt end.…

Photo of a Mac showing a video of people in wheelchairs doing cardio exerciseOIFE

Virus Workout every Sunday

Are you stuck in your home because of COVID-19? Are you bored? Can’t go to the gym or swimming pool? Don’t worry, OIFE is inviting you to a virtual wheelchair aerobic session every Sunday! On March 29th we will try a moderate intensity workout. On April 5th we will repeat the high intensity workout. Time:…

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