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OI & Disability Burn-Out

“Disability Burn-Out”: Internalized Ableism and its consequences! By Raul Krauthausen, disability activist with OI A disability can be stressful and sometimes trigger burnout. Often, one’s own internalized ableism plays a major role – in other words, the pressure of having to gain a raison d’être through performance and functionality. This can rule a lifetime. It…


Anthropology Project About OI

Interview with Ida Vandsøe Madsen, student at the Department of Anthropology at University of Copenhagen, Denmark Ida Vandsøe Madsen is a Ph.D.-student at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen. Anthropology is the study of human biological and physiological characteristics and their evolution. She did her Master’s Thesis (final project) on OI as…

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