A young girl from Asian origin sitting in a manual wheelchair.OIFE

New OIFE Youth Coordinator

Interview with Simey Truong, Germany My name is Simey Truong. I am 26 years old and have OI type 3, so I am bit short (I am only 1.12m tall) and sitting in a wheelchair. During my childhood I had a lot of fractures, but they didn’t stop me from experiencing a lot. I’m a…


Parenting a child when you have OI

Claudia Finis is a member of the German OI-association DOIG and a volunteer for the OIFE. With the input from two other parents (Janina and Sven) who have OI themselves, she wrote an article about parenting a child when you have OI. The article was first published in the German magazine “Durchbruch” (Breakthrough). It has…


Founding Fathers and Mothers

In 2020, the founding fathers and mothers of three OI societies sadly passed away. One of them was the first person worldwide to initiate a patient organization for OI. Many were following her example, and some years later, the idea of founding a European umbrella organization was born. Former OIFE president Ute Wallentin, has written…

Logo of German OI-organization DOIGMEMBERS

Rest in Peace Peter Radtke

And 2020 continue to be a very sad year. We were sad to learn that the founder of the German OI-organization Deutsche OI Gesellschaft – Glasknochen e. V., Mr. Peter Radtke passed away on November 28, 2020 at the age of 77 years. Mr. Radtke was an actor and co-founder of the “Münchner Crüppel-Cabaret”. “I’ve…

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