Artists with OI: Erwin Aljukic

Erwin Aljukic is an actor, dancer, speaker and fashion journalist. Since 1998 he can be seen on TV, in the cinema and at the theater. In addition to acting, he studied fashion journalism and has been working as a freelancer ever since. In 2014 he devoted himself to contemporary dance. Aljukic has been a permanent…

Penny and Eskil at edge of mountainSTORIES

Artists with OI: Penny Clapcott

Penny Clapcott from the UK has always been very active despite her OI. Having broken four World Records in competitive swimming at the age of 15, she took the challenge of becoming an aereal circus performer. I’m Penny Clapcott and I’m 29 years old from the UK with type 3 OI. I have always been…

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