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OI & Dental Issues – A Literature Review

Interview with Ole Rasmus Theisen, dentist and researcher at the TAKO centre (national resource centre for oral health in rare disorders, Norway) My name is Ole Rasmus, and I am a 39-year-old dentist from Norway. My relationship with OI stems back from working with researchers who have studied OI extensively as well as seeing some…

Participants of topical meeting See, Hear, Smile!CONFERENCES

Abstracts See, Hear, Smile!

A great topical meeting has come to an end. More than 82 people from 22 countries met in Riga, Latvia from June 14th – 15th to discuss and learn about eyes, ears and teeth of people with OI. The event had a lot of positive feedback already, and we feel we succeeded in creating an…


See, Hear, Smile!

2 Weeks left until Early Bird Deadline! Are you a professional who’s interested in eyes, ears and teeth of people with OI? Or basilar invagination (BI)? Do you yourself have issues related to this? Then we invite you to take part in our seminar See, Hear, Smile! from June 14th – 15th in Riga, Latvia.…

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