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You are hereby invited to join the list of supporters of OIFE’s 5th Topical Meeting “See, Hear, Smile!”. The meeting takes place in Riga, Latvia from June 14th-15th at Tallink Hotel Riga. The hotel is located in the center of the Latvian capital, offering easy access to the historic old town and transportation.

See, Hear, Smile! is hosted by a group of prominent individual professionals from Europe in close collaboration with the patient organizations Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe (OIFE) & LOIB (Latvia OI). The meeting will offer a high quality scientific programme of interest to clinicians, researchers, patient representatives and other stakeholders. We’re expecting between 50 and 100 participants from Europe and around the world to attend, including several key opinion leaders in the field.

The conference is quite unique in attracting professionals and patient representatives alike, which offers a broad exposure of your products.

The goal of the meeting is to create an arena to present and discuss the latest research, treatment methods & follow up routines related to eyes, ears and teeth of people with the rare bone disease osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). It’s the first time in history someone is organizing a seminar on OI with focus on the non-skeletal issues connected to the head (dental issues, hearing, vision, craniofacial issues etc). The topic also includes neurological issues (basilar invagination – BI), for which the professional and patient community have hardly any knowledge, despite the severity of this side effect. Treatment methods for BI are available, but in the vast majority of countries, they are non-existent due to the lack of knowledge. The same goes for many treatment methods for hearing & dental problems like cochlea implants, surgical corrections of craniofacial abberations, dental implants and more.

Discussions and recommendations of follow-up of both children and adults with OI related to the topics will therefore be part of this meeting, as well as other lectures relevant for other rare bone diseases.

Our hope is to create new informal networks between professionals working with these topics (dentists, hearing doctors/audiologists, ophthalmologists etc.) with the belief that it can inspire new projects and ideas. There is very little knowledge on several of the topics today, even if problems like hearing loss are severely affecting the quality of life of more than 50% of people with OI.

We hope and believe that attendance from the OI-community can also bring new ideas and perspectives. Previous Topical Meetings hosted by OIFE have turned out to be excellent arenas for international exchange between professionals and people with OI. We are firm believers that the topical meeting will contribute to stimulate the dialogue between our member organizations, our volunteers and clinicians and researchers working in the field – also in newer fields where we have no established networks at the moment. It therefore represents a unique opportunity to bring together professionals and patients sharing similar concerns and interests.

The multidisciplinary nature of the conference provides an opportunity to talk to specialists from many different fields

  • Dentists, orthodontists and other professionals working with teeth, jaws & craniofacial issues
  • Clinicians & researchers with an interest in ears, hearing & OI
  • Clinicians & researchers with an interest in eyes, vision & OI
  • Clinicians & researchers with an interest in basilar impression/invagination & OI
  • Clinicians & researchers with an interest in OI in general
  • OI-community (people with OI, family members, staff and volunteers)
  • Professionals & people connected to other rare bone diseases

Everyone interested in the topics is welcome to attend. Previous topical meetings hosted by OIFE have turned out to be excellent arenas for international exchange between OI-professionals and people with OI.

Highlights will include the following

  • An exciting program of invited speakers and experts in the field from Europe & US/Canada
  • A great opportunity to share perspectives, ideas and opinions from various backgrounds and experience
  • Good opportunities to network with experts in your particular field or meet some of the top overall experts in OI
  • An innovative concept where patient advocates & leaders take part on the same level as professional experts to maximize the exchange of knowledge
  • Exhibition area with lunch included in delegate fee with good opportunities to show off your brand, product or service
  • A unique opportunity to show corporate social responsibility and make an impact by helping OIFE to increase the knowledge in new areas of OI – a complex disease affecting many aspects of life

We hope you will be able to join us for an exciting meeting with constructive and instructive discussions about OI and its often misunderstood challenges and symptoms. Join our unique platform for exchange and sharing of information through interactive meetings with the true experts in the field.

We look forward to seeing you in Riga in June!

Ingunn Westerheim
OIFE president – on behalf of the programme committee

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