Latin-American OI Conference

For the second year in a row the Latin American organizations are coordinating a joint event in connection to Wishbone Day. The Chilean OI Foundation (Fundación de Osteogénesis Imperfecta Chile FOICH) is one of the organizers. All Spanish speaking people interested in OI are welcome to follow the 2nd meeting of OI-Organizations of Latin America.…

Chronic pain in OIMEDICAL

Do you have knowledge on pain & OI?

OIFE is interested in getting in touch with professionals (PTs, OTs, psychologists, medical doctors, researchers, pain specialists etc) who have experience/knowledge about pain & pain management in OI (or related bone diseases). We are considering a mini conference and/or project related to pain & OI and we are interested in getting in touch with people…


WISHBONE DAY 2021: #OIStrong

May 6th is a special day for the OI Worldwide community! Wishbone Day is the International Day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta aimed to improve and boost awareness about OI. During last year’s OIFE Annual General Meeting many of the participants expressed a wish to create a more coordinated international approach and campaign for this International Awareness Day.…


Founding Fathers and Mothers

In 2020, the founding fathers and mothers of three OI societies sadly passed away. One of them was the first person worldwide to initiate a patient organization for OI. Many were following her example, and some years later, the idea of founding a European umbrella organization was born. Former OIFE president Ute Wallentin, has written…


ERN Exchange Programmes

We have important information for professionals working with rare bone conditions who belong to a healthcare provider in the European Reference Network for Rare Bone Diseases (ERN BOND). Get involved in the new Exchange Programme! And check out the ERN Research Mobility Fellowships! ERN Exchange Programme The European Commission funded the ERN Exchange Programme 2020-2022…


New OIFE Member: SFOI Sweden

From February 2021 OIFE got a new ordinary member organization Sveriges Förening för Osteogenesis Imperfecta (SFOI). Get to know them better through this interview with Lars-Göran Wadén, co-chair of SFOI. Who are you and what is your relationship with OI? Therese Rudolfsson and I, Lars-Göran Wadén, currently share the chairmanship of the OI-association in Sweden.…


A Quick jab and a glimpse of light

In Denmark some younger people with OI were prioritized to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Read about the experiences from Jacob below.  Text written by Jacob Ø. Wittorff, member of DFOI All it took was a quick jab, and then it was over. I got my COVID-19 vaccine on a cold but sunny afternoon in January.…


OIFE Youth Event moved to 2022

OIFE Youth Event was supposed to take place in Poland in August 2020. It was later moved to August 2021. Because of the very uncertain situation around vaccines in Europe and travel restrictions due to Covid-19, the OIFE Executive Committee has decided to move the OIFE Youth Event to Poland in August 2022. This in…


Athletes without Permission

Our Polish delegate Aneta is planning to write an eBook about good examples from people with OI living in Europe who are physically active in different ways. Aneta herself has OI type IV and has tried many different sports and activities: swimming, scuba diving, crossfit and climbing. The project has the working title “Athletes without…

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