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News from ERN-BOND

On the occasion of Rare Disease Day (February 28th) the European Reference Network for Rare Bone Disorders (ERN-BOND) organized a European Parliamentary Meeting called: European Reference Networks – Accelerating and Improving Diagnosis for Rare Diseases Patients. The meeting was kindly hosted by MEP Elena Gentile (S&D, IT) with support from EURORDIS. The OIFE was represented at…

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Artists with OI: Penny Clapcott

Penny Clapcott from the UK has always been very active despite her OI. Having broken four World Records in competitive swimming at the age of 15, she took the challenge of becoming an aereal circus performer. I’m Penny Clapcott and I’m 29 years old from the UK with type 3 OI. I have always been…


Dare to…

There is perhaps no consistent theme in the January edition of the OIFE Magazine. But maybe I just haven’t looked close enough? After thinking about it one more time, it occurred to me that maybe the theme of this newsletter is to dare? The Portuguese project you can read about in this edition was called…


Artists with OI: Maija Karhunen

Maija Karhunen is a young woman with OI and lives in Helsinki, Finland. She has been working as a dancer, performer and journalist all across Europe.  Who are you and what do you do? My name is Maija Karhunen, I’m 29 years old and live in Helsinki, Finland. I mostly work as dancer and performer…

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