OIFE passport

The OIFE passport is a personal document in the format of a passport. It is meant as a travelling companion and as communication support in foreign countries.

In 22 languages it contains the statement that the bearer has OI, a brief explanation of what that means and how a person with OI should be treated in emergency situations. Precautions to be taken with X-ray examinations, surgery and anaesthesia are also explained. The latest edition (2017) also includes information on how to find OI-organizations worldwide.

In addition to the 22 languages in the printed version, you can find the Latvian, Hungarian and Ukranian languages online

Digital OIFE passport available here

Or download single-language versions below

Are you a member of one of OIFE’s member OI-organizations? Then you can buy a printed passport from your local organization. Other people can contact the OIFE at office@oife.org.

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