Calendar OI-events


January 23OIFE Leadership Meeting, Zoom
January 30OIFE Representative Drop In session, Zoom
March 25Annual Meeting AOI, Montpellier, France
April 21 – 23NFOI Annual Family Meeting, Oslo, Norway
June 9 – 10OIFE Topical Meeting “Balancing Life with OI”, Stockholm, Sweden
June 10 – 11OIFE Annual General Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden

Calendar scientific events & conferences



Feb 6-9Rare Disease Week (advocacy training), Brussels
Feb 10 – 11Care4BrittleBones – Quality of Life for OI 2023, ONLINE
Feb 13Final EuRR-Bone meeting, Leiden, The Netherlands
Feb 21EURORDIS Black Pearl Awards
Feb 22 – 26International Congress on Human Genetics, Cape Town, South Africa
March 4 – 711th International Meeting of Paediatric Endocrinology, Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 27 – 29BRS Clinical Training Course in Osteoporosis & other Metabolic Bone Disease, Oxford, UK
March 28 – April 141st EPOS meeting, Krakow, Poland
April 13 – 18ECTS 2023, featuring BRS Annual Meeting, Liverpool, UK
May 4-5ERN BOND Network Meeting, Bologna, Italy
May 4-7WCO IOF-ESCEO 2023 (Osteporosis), Barcelona, Spain
May 13-16ECE 2023, Istanbul, Turkey
May 29 – 31ICCBH Bone School, Annecy, France



Mau 8- 11Combined EPOS/POSNA Meeting (2nd EPOSNA), Washington DC

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