International research projects

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OIFE can support researchers and international research projects in various ways. If the project is mainly taking place in one or few countries, we usually refer to the national patient organization.

We support research projects in different ways

These are examples of ways we can support various research projects depending on our
available resources:

  • Support grant applications by being full members of a consortium – with/without funding for OIFE
  • Providing support letters to individual researchers or consortia
  • Providing advice on
    • Developing hypothesis
    • Writing a grant application
    • Writing a protocol
    • Keywords to include in literature search
    • Developing interview guides
    • Making surveys relevant for the community
    • Endpoints and outcome measures
  • Being part of advisory panels
  • Representing the OI-community in steering committees
  • Co-authorship of abstracts and scientific articles
  • Assisting with recruitment via announcements
  • Dissemination of results through events, OIFE Magazine or social media

Remember to provide the needed details early!

  1. If you want the support from OIFE to any of this, it is very important that you:
  2. Contact us as early as possible! If we get the request very close to the deadline, we
    will probably not be able to provide support.
  3. Explain to us (preferably in laymans’ terms) what the project is about
  4. Provide enough detail on what is needed/expected from OIFE – including
    • Time frame
    • What kind of activities you want our support for
    • If there is funding for OIFE included in the project
    • What kind of knowledge level is expected from patient representatives.

Research grants available

The OIFE does not provide funding for research or grants, but several of our member organizations do. In addition to checking out your national organization, we encourage you to check out the grants from:

See also grants from:

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