OIFE collaborates with different pharmaceutical companies and companies producing orthopaedic equipment.

What can the OIFE offer to you as a company?

OIFE can offer various types of assistance to companies working with OI or other rare bone conditions:  

  • Direct advice to the company about
    • unmet needs of people with OI,
    • the impact of OI from a patient perspective
    • priorities of people with OI and their families
    • who is who in the international OI-community
    • how the healthcare system works in European countries.
  • Recruiting people with OI in different age groups and caregivers to advisory panels
  • Announcing surveys and clinical trials in our channels to help with recruitment (often with a disclaimer)

Sometimes OIFE choose to sign a confidentiality agreement (CDA) with a company, to be able to get involved in an early stage. Only by getting involved early – we can provide real influence through the whole development process.

We are always looking for more potential partners and collaborators. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about OI, about OIFE and what we can offer.

How can you as a company help the OIFE?

  • Cover OIFE magazine 2020-4

    Providing OIFE with information about what’s going on in research

  • Donating to OIFE or providing opportunities for educational grants.
  • Sponsoring one of our events
  • Offering your services or in kind support
  • Offering your employees as volunteers
  • Buying an advertisement in OIFE Magazine

Do you have other ideas on how your company could support the OIFE? Please contact us and tell us about them.

Announcements and advertisements in OIFE Magazine

Our publication OIFE Magazine is published 3-4 times a year and is read by several thousand people worldwide. Please contact us if you want an announcement (free) or a paid advertisement in our magazine.

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