Reasons to donate

As an NGO and non-profit we rely on your donations to help us continue our work and reach our goals. Please consider making a one-off, or a monthly donation.
There are many different ways of donating to the OIFE

Support a special cause

Donate to one of our special causes like the Flying OI Experts or OIFE Youth Events.

Give in celebration

If you are celebrating something special, why not ask friends and family for charity donations to be made in your name rather than buying you a gift?

Donate in memory

Memorial Funds are a way of raising money to commemorate the life of someone connected to OI or the OI-community.

Gift in will (testament)

Many people like to leave a gift to charity in their will, helping the causes they care about to continue.

How can I donate?

Donation by bank transfer

The OIFE is registered as a non-profit in Belgium with the registration number (KBO) 0784600930. Our bank details are as follows:

KBC Bank, Boomstraat 106, 2880 Bornem, Belgium
Account name: OIFE
IBAN: BE74 7340 5572 6307

OIFE’s official postal address: OIFE, Schotelveldstraat 17, 2801 Heffen, Belgium

Donation by PayPal

Donations can be transferred through PayPal, by clicking on the button Donate below. It also includes payment by credit card. Please help us reduce costs by covering the PayPal fee!

Donation by Facebook

OIFE is currently setting up the possibility to donate via Facebook to our new bank account in Belgium – the donation button on Facebook is therefore temporarily disabled.

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