Members of the OIFE are, in general, national OI organisations.

Each member organisation is represented by a delegate. These delegates form the OIFE-Board from which an Executive Committee (EC) is chosen.

Each member organisation falls into a category which determines its conditions, fees and voting rights. Associations which cannot afford the membership fee can apply for funds to do so from the fee solidarity fund.

Membership categories*:

  • Ordinary Membership: open to European OI associations. Only full members have voting rights.
  • Associate Membership: open to both European and non-European OI organisations.
  • Supportive Membership: open to other OI (and OI related) organisations.
  • Sponsoring Membership: open to organisations that support the objectives of the Federation
  • Individuals can be granted advisory or Honorary Membership.

*Details on the conditions for membership can be obtained from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..