Ingunn in black Shirt with badge at table talks to Woman in red blazerIn May 2024 OIFE president was represented at our first European Association Summit (EAS) in Brussels which offered an opportunity to learn from other associations, discuss what the future holds with upcoming EU elections and connect with others leaders and managers of different kinds of associations.

The European Association Summit (EAS) is the annual event by Association professionals for Association professionals in Europe. It’s all about sharing knowledge, connecting, and showcasing best practices to recognise the Association profession.

Sitting man with glasses, black Blazer and dark blue tie holds microphoneAssociations, and that includes patient organizations, are an integral part of policymaking. This year of elections at EU will require assocations to share knowledge, make connections and renew the advocacy efforts, especially as 50% of members of parliament (MEPs) are expected to be new to Brussels.

Crafting events to engage multi-generational communities is a growing challenge, for all of us organizing events. It was good to discuss how we can involve younger generations in organisation’s activities, and discuss how we can build bridges between generations rather than segment the different generations.

Evolving digital technologies & AI are already becoming an inevitable part of our daily work, learning and adapting to their use whilst considering ethical implication is paramount. This is not only at legislative level, but also for us as individuals leading teams.

Even if the event was more directed at bigger associations like trade associations and scientific societies – there were still a lot of useful information, that can be used in the daily work of OIFE.

Speaker and audience in a glamorous hall