OIFE in EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme

Alessandra Tolaccia

Alessandra Tolaccia is representing OIFE at the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme. The EUPATI Expert Training Course is a unique opportunity for patient advocates to receive expert-level training in medicines research and development, specifically tailored for them. The certificate course is a mixture of online and face-to-face education modules over a 13-month period.

April was a busy month for Cohort 7 of the Patient Expert Training Programme: over 100 participants joined from 38 countries around the globe to attend 4 days of online sessions.

A lot of topics were touched upon, including general patient involvement experiences and practicalities, clinical trial protocols, good lay summary practice, critical reading in research, and many more.

The attendees will get the chance to meet in person during their graduation event in Madrid from 21-24 of October.

Quote: Alessandra Tolaccia, OIFE Volunteer:

“…a full 5 days of training with a lot of practical exercises who helped us to put to work what we have been studying for the past 6 months. It has been also a great opportunity to meet the faculty members … and exchange opinions and observations on our journey of learning. … I am really looking forward to the next chapter of this incredible experience that I am lucky to share with some incredible people from over 38 different Countries all with a common goal of becoming good patient advocates for our organisations” .




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