This year, we’re launching #Together4OI as a hashtag to celebrate Wishbone Day – the international awareness day for OI. Read more about how it all started here.

With #Together4OI we are shining a light on the incredible work that the OI-organizations are doing on national level and what value they bring to people with OI.

Whether you are a person with OI, a family member, a volunteer, staff member, OI clinician, researcher or industry representative – come join us in celebrating Wishbone Day 2024 and the work and value of the OI-organizations and the international OI-community by using the hashtags #WishboneDay and #Together4OI

Examples of posts about the activities of our organizations

Examples of posts about the value of being part of an OI-organization or the OI-community.

Encouragement from OIFE’s president

OIFE’s president Ingunn Westerheim has an encouragement for everyone to join #Together4OI in the video below.