Remedi4All – Meeting on OI in Bologna

The Remedi4All consortium & the MOI-A Trial (Losartan)
Information provided by Claudia Fuchs, EURORDIS

What is Remedi4All?

The EU-funded multidisciplinary consortium REMEDi4ALL (Repurposing Medicines for All) has an ambition to establish a European research and innovation eco-system that facilitates fast and cost-effective patient-centric development and implementation of repurposed medicines, meeting high unmet medical needs in any disease. The project is led by the European umbrella EURORDIS and patient involvement is supported by the non profit Beacon. OIFE was until recent represented by our Board member Stephanie Claeys.

What is drug repurposing?

Drug repurposing consists of finding new therapeutic uses for existing medicines. Building on the knowledge previously generated on safety and effectiveness for a specific drug, researchers can explore new indications, potentially leveraging those steps already completed during the drug development process. This means that scientific knowledge and resources are used efficiently, and research can move faster to provide patients with innovative therapeutic options where no treatments are available.

The MOI-A trial (Losartan) – one of four demonstrator projects in Remedi4All

The Remedi4All consortium are currently working on four different repurposing demonstrator projects, including a project on OI called the MOI-A trial led by Prof. Nick Bishop from Sheffield, UK and Dr. Luca Sangiorgi from Bologna, Italy. The purpose of the MOI-A trial is to investigate if the blood pressure drug Losartan will reduce bone turnover in older adolescents and adults with OI by reducing circulating levels of TGFβ and TGFβ pathway signalling. The project aims to identify the dose of Losartan that is effective in reducing circulating levels of CTX, a bone resorption (destruction) marker, without causing undue side effects. The trial will have sites in UK and Italy. Read more on the project website or here.

Remedi4All Multi-stakeholder Meeting (MSM) on OI in Bologna

Remedi4All are currently organizing their 2nd REMEDi4ALL Multi-stakeholder Meeting (MSM) “Ensuring patient centricity in Osteogenesis Imperfecta research” which will take place on the 13tth of June 2024 in Bologna, Italy. This meeting will be organized back-to-back with the annual meeting organized by the Italian Patient Organization AS.IT.OI held in the same location from the 14th to the 16th of June 2024.

More information and registration link can be found here.

The overall goal of the meeting is to discuss patient centric approaches to research, drug repurposing and medicines development for OI in a multi-stakeholder environment. The gathering of stakeholders will tackle topics relevant to the OI patient community and patient centricity will run as the core narrative in all sessions – ensuring that each stakeholder is considering the patient perspective in their current and future work. In particular, the sessions will tackle the three main topics:

1. Multi-national strategies for Patient Advocacy in OI
2. Current Treatment Options in OI – a multistakeholder perspective.
3. Patient-cantered clinical trial design in OI.

In addition, a final panel discussion on innovative outcome measures in OI clinical trials and an “Ask the experts” session is foreseen.

OIFE is a formal collaborator

OIFE has agreed to be formal collaborators of the MSM and will be represented by Anna Rossi. We are also represented with three people in the programme committee. In addition, there will be many different people suggested by OIFE contributing as speakers, panelists and moderators.

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