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School kit for children with OI

Starting school or changing school is a big step in the life of a child or adolescent, and very likely a lot more if a have condition that makes their bones more fragile than their peers. A tool was created to ease these transitions as much as possible for students with OI.

Girl and medical items on tableIn collaboration with students and their caregivers, the Individualized School Plan for Optimal Inclusion of Students with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (ISP – OI) can be filled out by any healthcare professional who is assisting a child/adolescent beginning or change school.

Patient and parent representatives, Shriners Hospitals for Children-Canada (SHC-Canada), McGill University, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital (Norway) and the Montreal School Services Center collaborated on this project. They collaborated together to describe a global view of the activities that students take part in throughout their school day, the adaptations and recommendations that could be made to optimize their schooling experiences. The ISP-OI includes 16 sections supplying the student and school staff with education and accommodations the student can receive in all aspects of their school day.

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In the format of a fillable PDF, the ISP-OI is available in French and English. It is intended for students from kindergarden to high school.


Lastly, one of the annexes of the ISP-OI is a list of suggested items to be included in an OI Splint Kit, this idea was the initiative of a patient from the SHC-Canada. OI Splint Kit is intended to empower patients and families with the appropriate knowledge and equipment to immobilize fractures and manage pain. The list is available to help anybody interested into create their own splint kit.

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