Cardiovascular Issues – Meeting Adult Health resource group

In January, hosted by the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, the Adult Health resource group initiated by Dr. Eric Orwoll were gathered in Orlando, Florida to write what will be their 3rd paper together.

The Delphi process study* will review the current literature related to the risk of and follow up for cardiovascular disease in OI. The group had some really great discussions. Unfortunately everyone was not able to come due to the difficult winter weather. The planned meeting therefore went from an on-site meeting to a hybrid meeting, which worked relatively well. OIFE was represented by Lars Folkestad and Oliver Semler (online).

Read an interview with Dr. Eric Orwoll and Dr. Lars Folkestad about the initiative here.

*a tool for collecting experts’ opinions on a specific issue through a series of questionnaires

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