The project EUCAPA aims at providing patients, and patient experts, with the adequate knowledge and skills to effectively participate in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) process.
Their courses are designed to empower participants to advocate for themselves and make their voices heard. This will be needed when future treatments for OI comes up for approval on a national level with HTA authorities or payers (cost benefit and budgets).

EUCAPA have developed three learning tracks:

  • Introductory training, a 2-hour online introduction to the European HTA Regulation and the opportunities of involvement for patients.
  • Fast-track training, an 8-hour online training designed for patient experts who will participate in a joint clinical assessment or joint scientific consultation at short notice.
  • Extended training, which consists of a 3-day-live course at UMIT TIROL – University for Health Sciences and Technology.
Perhaps some of you recognize the guy in the video? This is Julien Delaye – who used to volunteer at our topical meeting in Riga, Latvia. He is the patient engagement manager at EURORDIS, especially responsible for EUCAPA.