Meet OIFE delegate Isis Atuncar, Peru

My name is Isis Atuncar, I am from Peru, and I was diagnosed with OI when I was born inisis atuncar 1986. I had the opportunity to receive medication and surgical treatment in the USA. That treatment improved my quality of life. When we were back in Peru, my parents and other families together formed the OI Association from Peru, with the aim of raising awareness about the condition and providing support to more affected families. I am one of the OIFE delegates of the associate member organization Asociación Osteogénesis Imperfecta del Perú.

How does OI affect you personally?
The condition hasn’t affected me much due to the treatments I’ve received throughout my life. However, in Peru, barriers exist in terms of mobility and accessibility, making it challenging to lead an independent life. Nevertheless, with the support of my parents, I’ve been able to pursue education and work in the social sector.

Tell us about OI Peru!
The Peruvian OI Association was founded in 1994. We have 200 active members, but welogo peru estimate that there are around 2000 patients in Peru. The association is led by a board of directors consisting of OI patients and their family members. Among the projects and activities, we carry out, there are;
● Providing support in managing medical treatment for patients with limited financial resources.
● Advocating with health authorities to ensure treatment is provided in hospitals across the country.

It is essential to ensure comprehensive treatment for OI patients throughout the country. It’s important for OI patients to have a place in society, and with the support and tools we provide, they can achieve personal, professional, and educational development.

What do you do apart from OI work?
Apart from my work with OI, I study a master’s degree in Spain, and I am an English teacher, I teach kids and adults. In my free time, I practice swimming, read books, and watch films.

We had the pleasure to meet Isis at the anniversary celebration of Ahuce Foundation on August 25th 2023.
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