Appeal to physicians who meet children with severe OI types

Physician statements on children with severe types of OI

Dear colleague,

Boost Brittle Bones Before Birth (BOOSTB4) is a European consortium lead by Dr Götherström.

In the literature there is very limited information on fracture incidence during the first years of life in children with OI type III and IV on early bisphosphonate treatment.

We understand your busy schedule, but we would appreciate your quick input on the statement below. Please only answer if you are a physician who meet children with severe types of OI. The information will be used in the preparations of analysis of fracture rate in the BOOSTB4 trial. The data will be handled anonymized. Please mark your opinion in the table below (you can contact us if you want the form sent to you by email).

You can also download the form in word-format and PDF-format here.

Thank you very much in advance,
The BOOSTB4 team

Statements about severe types of OI
(type III and severe type IV*)
YesNoComment, if any:
1During the first 2 years of age the fracture incidence increases with age
During the first 2 years of age the fracture incidence decreases with age
During the first 2 years of age the fracture incidence is stable over time
2Will fractures increase after weight bearing / moving actively on their own (crawling, bottom shuffling, walking etc)?
3Select one time point<9 months9–18 months18–30 months>30 months
Approximate age when you start rodding surgery?
4Select one choice<5
5­­–10 years10–15 years>15
Years of experience caring for children with OI?

*with bisphosphonate treatment starting approximately before 6 month of age and with standard of care as of today.

Cecilia Götherström | Associate Professor

CLINTEC | Karolinska Institutet
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