EUCAPA – more Patient involvement

EURORDIS and partners have launched a major project to empower patient involvement in Health Technology Assessments: European Capacity Building for Patients (EUCAPA).

EUCAPA is designed to train patients and their representatives in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) – the multidisciplinary and systematic process that evaluates the added value of a health technology in comparison to other existing or new ones. You can also read more about HTA and how OI-organizations can get involved on OIFE’s webpage about patient involvement.

Focusing mostly – but not exclusively – on people living with cancer and people who need advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), EUCAPA is set to last two years and will offer three types of trainings:

  • Online introductory training for the larger patient community and patient organisations who need to know more about HTA to participate in joint clinical assessments (JCAs) and scientific consultations (JSCs).
  • Online fast-track training enabling patients to gain the essential skills needed to participate as patient experts, which will be aimed at those who will participate in JCAs and JSCs at short notice.
  • In-person extended training that will further develop concepts, skills and knowledge from the two previous trainings.

Read more about EUCAPA here.

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