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EURR-BONE Final Meeting

eurrbone groupOn February 13th we were four representatives from OIFE who attended the final meeting of the EuRR-Bone registry as a 3 year old project.
Claudia Finis attended face to face and Taco van Welzenis, Rebecca Tvedt Skarberg and Ingunn Westerheim attended online. The project team in Leiden have delivered on all their milestones, and has achieved a lot in these 3 years. However – the awareness about the registry is still too low and too few centres in Europe are contributing with data – especially to the CORE registry. So there are plenty of challenges to solve in the next 3 years, including securing more predictable funding. OIFE will continue to be actively involved.
More information about EURR-Bone can be found at their webpage.
Group photo of the people who attended the meeting live.
eurrbone graphic
This photo explains the 2 different registries in EuRR-Bone – the e-REC and the Core Registry.
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