Adults with OIOIFE

Join OIFE’s Adult Health peer group

OIFE’s peer group Adult Health & OI is a closed Facebook-group for adults who have OI (English language only). We welcome participants from all countries, as long as you can communicate in English. A closed group means that only people who have been accepted by the moderators and who are part of the group can read what’s being posted on the wall. In the group you can share experiences about living with OI and getting older with others who might have similar experiences. Questions of various kinds can be asked and answered, such as:

● medical issues or concerns
● personal experiences related to a life with OI
● seeking & giving emotional or psychosocial support
● practical hints and possible solutions
● personal advice from the experience of peers
● helpful adaptations for the daily life with OI

The group is ONLY open for people who have OI themselves. You don’t have to belong to one of OIFE’s member organizations to be part of the group.

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