Meet new OIFE Board member Stephanie Claeys

Hello everyone!

35 years ago I was born in Bruges, Belgium with OI type 3. From birth, I was involved with the Belgian Patient Organization ZOI. In 2020 I got elected to the board of ZOI. I love to be with other people who have OI to share experiences, knowledge, advice both as a friend, but also as an experienced peer.

From 2016 to 2022 I was one of the two OIFE Youth coordinators. I was able to help coach the different host countries during that period and organized a youth event by myself in May 2022 in Belgium. I believe working to have inclusion of people with OI is extremely important, but it feels also very helpful to be around peers. I will always be a big supporter of (youth)meetings across borders.

Not only did I attend different youth meetings but I also attended different OI-related Conferences, organised by OIF and the OIFE. I have a Bachelor in Office Management with specialization as Medical Management assistant. Since 2008 I have worked in the general/public hospital in Bruges, Belgium as an administrative medical expert.

At the moment, I work for the Ethics Committee/Clinical Trial Center. Because of this, I have a good knowledge about the European Clinical Trial Regulation and I know how to look at clinical trials with a critical and ethical eye. I’m looking forward to contributing on the topics: research & development, patient involvement, peer work, youth activities and organizational management and event planning.

Stephanie Claeys, Belgium

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