OIFE 2022 Wishbone Day campaign: #1voice4OI

Every year the OI community looks forward to the 6th of May to celebrate Wishbone Day. You can wear something yellow and help raise awareness of OI.

The aim of this day is to create awareness about the varied lives of people with OI and the challenges and solutions to living full and happy lives. Very often we refer to Wishbone Day as the collective voice of people with OI, talking about OI and the things that matter most to them, in their own way, and this was the standpoint from where the idea for the 2022 OIFE Wishbone Day campaign came from.

#1voice4OI wants to offer a stage to the OI community to come together, raise their voices and share the messages or make a statement for improving awareness on OI and/or on all the OI related topics which might go unseen or not prioritize. 

Even if OI people are known to be stubborn not everyone has a loud voice, however there are many activists, advocates, performers, athletes, artists, actors, and volunteers with very strong voices.  We are delighted that some of these advocates have agreed to be part of this campaign.

Therefore for Wishbone Day 2022 our voices will be come together under the hashtag #1Voice4OI . We can share stories, messages and statements about what we need to change, why we need change and provide examples of how we can all make an effort small or big to change the world for the better and bring awareness to our cause.

The campaign aims to involve the whole OI community inviting whoever wants to raise his/her voice and join #1voice4OI: tell your story, share  your challenges and opportunities, make a statement and highlight topics which there is not enough awareness on or that are still considered taboo subjects

So everyone is invited to create their own message. how:

  • Choose the topic you feel it is important to say something about how to improve OI awareness or to highlight a topic which would be beneficial for the OI community.
  • Choose your method to communicate (recording a video, writing a blogpost, choosing a song or a quote that express your thoughts and point of view for the topic, draw or paint….)
  • Publish your statement on social media using#1voice4OI and @oioife


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