Help OI-researchers and earn 50$

Are you 18 years or older and do you have OI? Or are you the parent/caregiver of someone aged 0-17 with OI? Are you able to read and write English well? Then OIFE and our collaborators are looking for your help! 

The pharma company Ultragenyx is developing a new treatment for OI. To test the new treatment, they are planning a large clinical trial for children with OI in many different countries.

To plan their OI-related research in a better way, they are now doing a survey to have better answers to some of their questions about people with OI and their experiences. They are looking for people with OI or parents/caregivers of children with OI to participate in a short online survey. Eligible participants who are included are rewarded with 50 USD.


Please send an email to with OI in the subject field if you want to take part.
























The OIFE is not involved in management of this survey. The mission of the OIFE is to keep the OI community informed of all relevant studies. This information is made available as a service to the OI community. We are available to answer questions on this or any other research announcements. Please contact the OIFE at if you have any questions.

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