A group of volunteers from OIFE are inviting you to join a FREE virtual wheelchair aerobic session/cardio exercise every Sunday and Wednesday on Zoom!

What it is:

  • People with OI doing exercises together on Zoom for 30-45 minutes
  • Instructions from seated/wheelchair using instructors from videos on YouTube (shared screen on Zoom)
  • An informal offer from OIFE peers to motivate each other by exercising together
  • Seated exercises for arms and upper body

What it is NOT:

  • an exercise program especially adapted for OI
  • a formal OIFE event led by OI professionals
  • exercises for the legs/lower body

Make sure you have two hand weights available for some of the exercises. If you don’t have weights you can use two small water bottles (ca 0,5l).

DISCLAIMER: Participation is at your own risk. Not all exercises are suited for every person with OI. When necessary adapt things to your own level. In general – avoid movements that you think are dangerous for you, don’t overdo it (it can be pretty intense!) and stop when you experience any pain or discomfort.


  • 18.00 Central European Time CET (Paris, Amsterdam, Oslo, Rome)
  • 17.00 UK & Portugal time
  • 12.00 Eastern Time, USA (EST)
  • To get the passcode to attend, you need to sign up to the weekly Sunday event here.


The Facebook chat

We have a dedicated Facebook-chat where we share updates about the weekly exercises (for instance if one of the sessions is cancelled). Let us know if you want to join the chat by sending a message to Stephanie Claeys or Ingunn Westerheim on Messenger.

Example of what kind of exercise programs we do together below.