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Survey of Physical Activity & Exercise in OI

Who is behind the survey?

OIFE and the OIF are assisting with the distribution of a survey developed by a project team supported by Care4BrittleBones. The team consist of professionals interested in increasing the knowledge about the physical well-being of individuals with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI).

Project team

  • Kathleen Montpetit, Occupational Therapist (retired), MSc OT, Montreal, Canada
  • Lena Lande Wekre, Senior Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, MD, PhD, Oslo, Norway
  • Marjolein Verhoef, Senior Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, MD, PhD, NL

What is the purpose behind it?

The purpose of this survey is to better understand the needs of people with OI (16 years and older) regarding physical activity, exercise, sports and sleep patterns, and to identify the gap between desire and reality. Our long-term goal is to develop materials, strategies and resources to encourage, and improve, the physical well-being of adults with OI, building on your feedback. This may extend into increasing overall fitness and strength, changing daily patterns to include more activity, and improving sleep habits specific to OI.  Your data is collected anonymously.

What is the deadline?

The survey will close mid-June 2021. Click here to answer the survey. Please respond by 12th of June!


Questions can be asked to

IMPACT survey

This survey must not be mixed with the upcoming IMPACT survey, which will be launched last week of June 2021.


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