WISHBONE DAY 2021: #OIStrong

May 6th is a special day for the OI Worldwide community!

Wishbone Day is the International Day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta aimed to improve and boost awareness about OI.

During last year’s OIFE Annual General Meeting many of the participants expressed a wish to create a more coordinated international approach and campaign for this International Awareness Day. Following up this wish, OIFE facilitated a meeting involving different people from many different organizations trying to outline a common international approach to this day.

This meeting enforced even more the feeling of how strong the OI community is.  In line with this feeling the group has come up with the idea of suggesting different campaigns and themes for every edition of Wishbone Day!

We are working on a project to get access to the Wishbone Day official channels (Social Media and Website) with the aim of keeping those channels more frequently updated.

The long term project we have outlined, includes a potential possibility of renewing the Wishbone day website and creating a shared hub/platform where people can find initiatives, suggestions, useful contents and information about Wishbone Day and OI.

Last year #Wish4OI campaign was a huge success. This year we feel the need to celebrate our community’s resilience and focus on the positive aspects to celebrate how #OIStrong we all are!

#OIStrong will be the 2021 Wishbone Day hashtag in addition to the official one #wishboneday

The aim is to collect testimonies from people about their successes, their stories, their way of living strong lives with OI!

Share your story, a picture, a video, a photo, a drawing, a quote or whatever you prefer to participate in the Wishbone Day initiative for 2021. And remember to wear yellow! 

You can also join the awareness day by adding the official Wishbone Day frame to your profile photo on Facebook.

#OIStrong Together We Are Strong


Flyer for Wishbone Day event of IOIF in IndiaWishbone Day Calendar

English language


Events from the Spanish organizations Ahuce, Fundacion Ahuce and AMOI Madrid

  • May 4th 22.00 CET Presentation of the games: Who’s Who of Osteogenesis Imperfecta and OIbble. We will play online
  • May 5th 20.00 CET The game Who’s Who of Osteogenesis Imperfecta contains a board with 32 people with OI.
  • May 6th: Online activities throughout the day.
    10:00h Meet the protagonists
    11:00h Meet the protagonists
    12:00h Meet the protagonists
    14:00h Meet the protagonists
    18:00h #OIStrong Together we are strong. Together we are stronger

    Keys to participate in the online activities:

    ID: 501 501 199
    Password: OISTRONG

Other events in Spanish language




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