Inger-Margrethe and Ingunn with the plaque they found in storage. The lower left photo is an old photo of Yvonne Grant, daughter of the founders of the BBS.

On August 21st 2020 it was 50 years since our partner organization in the USA – Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (OIF) – was founded. On this page, you can see memories from the five decades the organization has been active.

And the same day, Inger-Margrethe S. Paulsen (chair of NFOI) and Ingunn Westerheim accidentally discovered a treasure when going through boxes in storage, belonging to the Norwegian OI-organization NFOI. The plaque was a gift from the OIF to the Brittle Bone Society at one of the first international meetings for OI-organizations in Scotland in July 1982. In the photo on the upper right, you can see the logos of the OI-organizations that were present.

This was many years before Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe was established, 27 years ago. But collaboration across borders started early, and is more important than ever.

Together we send our warmest birthday wishes to our friends in the OIF! Let’s continue working together to connect clinicians, researchers and OI-groups across borders to improve quality of life for people with OI!

Have a look at OIFE’s anniversary greetings to the OIF in the video below.