OIFE has recently succeeded in getting accepted for the Fundraising Tools in Facebook and our Vice President Dace immediately decided to use the birthday fundraiser tool. For her birthday she invited friends and family to fundraise to support the projects and the activities of OIFE. And thanks to 24 donations, she managed to raise almost 900 euros for OIFE! We are extremely grateful. Thank you so much to all who contributed! We hope many more people will follow Dace’s example.

No fees to Facebook
Facebook does not charge fees for donations to charities. 100% of donations goes directly to OIFE’s bank account.

Tax deductible
Donations to OIFE are eligible for tax credits or deductions in Europe. Please contact us for more information!

Do you want to fundraise for OIFE?
It’s very easy to create a fundraiser for OIFE on Facebook. You can create a birthday fundraiser or just a general fundraiser to help our cause. How to do it?

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/fund/OIFEPAGE/
2. Click “Raise Money“
3. Choose “Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe”
4. Choose your goal in your local currency. You can increase the goal several times.
5. Choose the end date of the fundraiser
6. Click „next“
7. Choose a suitable title for your fundraiser 8. Write an explanation on why you have chosen to raise money for OIFE. The more personal you are, the more people might respond to it.
9. Choose a photo to go with the fundraiser (if you don’t add a personal one, it will use the header photo on OIFE’s Facebook page)
10. Publish it on Facebook!

Dace used a photo of herself and her daughter in the garden to encourage people to donate to OIFE.