#tuesday takeover

On May 5th 2020 OIFE will be the host of the periodical #tuesdaytakeover organized by Rare Revolution Magazine.


Rare Revolution Magazine 

Rare Revolution Magazine gives a voice – and a platform – to patients, industry professionals, clinical and healthcare providers and the patient groups and charities that support over 8000 different rare conditions. Created by BMA award-winning, featured writers and sisters; Nicola Miller and Rebecca Stewart, who identified a huge gap in the industry, Rare Revolution is a space where all of these rare disease parties can come together in one place to all become better informed and cross-promoted, while benefiting from shared experiences and best practice. The slogan on Rare Revolution Magazine is “It’s time to turn the tide and make our collective voices heard.”


Great opportunity! 

Which better opportunity than Wishbone Day to start a collaboration between OIFE and Rare Revolution Magazine? This is what we thought, and we have been lucky to be heard and welcomed by the Rare Revolution Magazine Team who offered OIFE the chance to take over the social media channels of the magazine for one whole day and use their tools to reach out for a greater, and for sure interested audience.

What is Wishbone Day? 

Wishbone day is the collective voice of people with OI, talking about OI and the things that matter most to them, in their own way. Wishbone Day draws awareness to the contributions of people with OI, the challenges of living with OI, and the important ways that people can contribute to our journey to live full and happy lives.


In this perspective, OIFE took this opportunity as a perfect fit in the Wishbone Day 2020 communication strategy that aims to collect the wishes of the OI community through our #wish4OI campaign, adding some kind of educational, explanatory activities aimed to raise awareness on OI, on OIFE and on some of the topics that matter the most to the OI community.

Join us! 

For the whole day tomorrow 5th May, several OIFE branded contents and post will be shared by Rare Revolution Magazine according to an editorial plan suggested by OIFE itself. We strongly encourage you to follow Rare Revolution Magazine social media and share what you find interesting for yourself and your OI community

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