Save the date!

May 6th is Wishbone Day the International Day of OI celebrated all over the world by the OI communities to improve and boost the awareness around OI.
We have seen many incredible ways to celebrate this day, some created by individuals and some guided by National organizations’ initiatives.
As the international umbrella for OI Organizations OIFE has always been watching, enjoying and promoting the many different and creative inputs given all over the world to celebrate this unique day.
This year OIFE decided to get even more involved!
As usual, we have launched a Fb picture Frame we invite you all to use and share. It is easy but really relevant as it will show the yellow ribbon of the Day to all your friends and contacts on social media and help improve the visibility of the day of the OI community.
The first big brand new news is that on 5th May OIFE will take over the social media channels of Rare Revolution Magazine a digital magazine giving a voice to those affected by Rare conditions and the charities that represent and support them. So stay tuned as we will release some brand new contents about OI, OIFE and Wishbone Day on that date.

In addition to this, we have launched an interactive social media-based campaign called #Wish4OI.

The aim is to collect the wishes of the OI community to get to know what they wish there could be more knowledge and awareness about in the future about OI.

It could be anything from treatments to policy work, from very basic to complicated issue you want to address or would like the OIFE to work more on.
How to do get involved?
Very simple…take a photo of yourself with a paper and write on it your #Wish4OI.
You can either share it online tagging or mentioning OIFE and using the hashtag #wish4OI or you can send it to
Our idea is to collect how many wishes as we can and create a video or a poster with them all.
What are you waiting for? Let us know your #wish4OI!!