For the last 2 years experts from many different countries have been working together in Project “Key4OI”. The aim of this project was to develop a core outcome set for OI, children and adults.

The focus is on:

Outcomes that are relevant for most people with OI, worldwide, througout a life time.

Input was provided through 16 OI focus groups. Their input has been carefully analysed and discussed by the international Key4OI Expert group in bi-weekly meetings and several so called Delphi surveys. And now it is here: The Core Outcome set for multidisciplinary care and research. Check out the animated video summarising Key4OI here:

In 2020 health care providers in six countries will pilot Key4OI. It will then become available for everyone in 2021. The aspiration of Care4BrittleBones is to use Key4OI as a platform for learning about OI together better and faster, eventually supported through big data. Watch that – very exciting – space!

If you are interested to be more closely involved with Key4OI and consider using it in 2021 and beyond, you can become part of the Key4OI – Affiliates group, who is invited for quarterly videoconferences.

To join this group, please email Dagmar Mekking at: