Marie’s Youth Corner

Impressions from the “QualityofLife4OI” Conference

I attended the QualityofLife4OI conference in Amsterdam last month. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to go, because I had to move apartment two days after the conference. Luckily I decided to go and it was such an amazing trip and I managed to pack my apartment down afterward so I was ready to move.

It was so good to see all the people I already knew but also to meet a lot of new faces. I got new friends at the conference and that is what I love the most about having a disability that you get friends from all over the world. Hopefully next year we will all meet in Poland where the next OIFE youth event will take place. It is going to be so much fun!

At the conference there were so many interesting workshops and speeches. It was just so cool to see how many people who are passionate about improving Quality of life for people with OI in one or another way. At Saturday there were 5 different workshops and you had to choose one of them and it was so difficult to choose because they all sounded so relevant. I decided to hear more about medical treatments and it was very interesting to hear about. We have already come a long way in treatments but just to know that we are constantly getting better and finding new ways to help people with OI is so cool.

The picture shows Stephanie and me from the last night at the conference where there was a dinner party. There were different performances and a guy named Sparsh was up singing. He was so good at singing and it was a perfect ending on a good conference. Below you can find a video of the Eminem cover he did in Amsterdam.

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