OIFE in Barcelona

Today OIFE is represented by vice-president Dace Liepina at the 28th EURORDIS Round Table of Companies Workshop in Barcelona – “A New PARADIGM of Meaningful Patient Engagement in the Life Cycle of Medicines”. The event is an annual seminar for representatives from industry (pharma) and from EURORDIS and their member organizations.

This year, the workshop will provide information to its participants with the following objectives:

  • Understand which good practices EURORDIS promotes and implements for working with patients to develop therapies for rare diseases
  • Understand the objectives of PARADIGM and how to enable meaningful patient engagement in the product life-cycle as a whole
  • Reflect on the return on engagement as a win-win process between developers and patients
  • Learn about patient expectations with regards to the value of patient engagement (financial value, quality, representativeness)
  • Learn how to implement a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework in your patient engagement activities
  • Understand and use metrics for evaluating Community Advisory Boards (CABs)
  • Reflect and raise awareness on the management of competing interests in a multi-stakeholder environment

You can read more and download the full programme and the concept paper from EURORDIS here.


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